About LibreMiami Search

LibreMiami search is an instance of Searx, a metasearch engine, which combines the results of other search engines without storing your information.

LibreMiami search was initially deployed and customized in 2020 as a collaborative effort by Misha Klopukh, @jgart, and Roberto Beltran, with additional input from other LibreMiami members

Searx links:

Why use LibreMiami search?

Technical details - How does it work?

Searx is a metasearch engine, inspired by the seeks project. It provides basic privacy by mixing your queries with searches on other platforms without storing search data. Queries are made using a POST request on every browser (except chrome*). Therefore they show up in neither our logs, nor your url history. In case of Chrome* users there is an exception, searx uses the search bar to perform GET requests. Searx can be added to your browser's search bar; moreover, it can be set as the default search engine.

How to set as the default search engine?

Install searx as a search engine on any version of Firefox! (javascript required)

How can I make my own?

A great thing about Searx is that anyone can run their own instance. This can be on a VPS or even on your computer. So if you don’t like or trust us, that’s totally okay! Just take the code from the original searx project and you can run it yourself.